#KTTeats: Toronto ft. Rosalinda Restaurant

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#KTTeats documents my food-finding adventures.


A few weeks ago I ducked out of Kingston to visit Toronto for the weekend and had the opportunity to eat several delicious items. They are too good not to share, and I would encourage you (whether you eat meat or not) to indulge if you are in town!

Rosalinda Restaurant (website)


It took a lot of questions and contemplation, but eventually, my meal began with the Carrot Coladaand it had a reusable straw! Beyond this deliciously sustainable feature of the drink, the taste was also great. And the colour! So orange!


We decided to order multiple dishes to share instead of sticking to one meal because we couldn’t choose one thing – this is my preferred way to dine, anyway! The first dish was the Young Coconut Ceviche.

I have fond memories of this coconut flesh – I was rather obsessed with it and its lime tanginess. It was such a fresh and fun dish and definitely was over too soon.

Next up: Chorizo Verde Tacos, the least spicy of the tacos for my hyper-sensitive tastebuds, alongside the Tijuana-Style Broccolini.


Again, I was pretty obsessed with the food. I don’t have incredibly strong memories of the tacos, but I know that their texture was immensely enjoyable – I definitely eat for the feel, and not just the taste, of food. Of the two, my favourite was the broccolini. Broccoli is already probably my favourite vegetable, so adding “-ini” to the end makes it that much better. It was described as a very contemporary, deconstructed Caesar salad, and while one would be hard-pressed to see why I can say that the mild Caesar flavours and housemade “croutons” were great.

Finally, we couldn’t leave without trying dessert: Spiced Churros with cinnamon sugar and chocolate banana caramel.


You could not tell that this was a vegan dessert. The churros were full of texture and the caramel dip was thick and flavourful. They were so good. I would definitely return to Rosalinda, with an awareness that the price is a bit steep, but you’re paying for fun, vegan food and amazing customer service with a great atmosphere!

Other fun weekend treats included Wow! Sushi (some of the best agadashi tofu I’ve ever had) and a favourite of ours, Lola’s Kitchen. I had their vegan yogurt granola for brunch and it was ah-mah-zing.


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  1. Bootsandbag

    Great post! I went to this restaurant last week it was good but I probably would eat before i go there next time as the portion sizes were tiny!!


    1. Moments & Motion

      Agreed! We wished we would have eaten as well, because getting full would have run us an even bigger bill!


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