Pumpkin Challenge 2018: Week 2

It's the second week of #PumpkinChallenge2018 and I had the chance to indulge in several more Vancouver-based pumpkin items before heading back out east.

Home and the Holidays

Almost two months after my return home for the holidays, I look back on that week as a dream of sorts - it felt oh-so-normal to be back, but now it's as though I never was. It was as though I had never been gone as soon as the plane touched down, and thus began [...]

Visiting Ottawa

I had some free time between shifts at work just before my mini winter vacation in December and decided to use it to go visit R.L. in Ottawa!   Obviously, we got to baking right away. I had brought some vegan baked goods with me but one cannot do with only one cookie for oneself [...]

Pumpkin Challenge 2017: Days 26 – 31 + Farewell!

Each year, I endeavor to consume one pumpkin thing per day for the month of October. This is my 7th annual Pumpkin Challenge – welcome! **** Day 26: Pumpkin Quesadilla, HappyHealthyLife This was one of my favourite new things that I tried for this year's challenge. I think I'll be returning to Happy Healthy Life for [...]