#KTTeats: Toronto ft. A&W’s Beyond Meat Burger and Mythology Diner

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#KTTeats documents my food-finding adventures.


I was lucky enough to try two social media-hyped vegan meals over the last couple of weeks and, let me tell you, THEY LIVED UP TO THE DRAMA.

You may have heard about A&W’s “Beyond Meat” Burger that was released on July 9th, and I knew that I was going to find myself there not long after. The vegan influencers in my social media feeds confirmed this with their feverish posts about the burger’s delicious and meat-like taste.

It also just-so-happened to be Free Root Beer Day. A true blessing if I’ve ever seen one.

Cue: Lunchtime.

My carnivorous comrade shared the meal with me, so we were able to get two perspectives on this “bleeding” vegan patty. The consensus?



I’m pretty easy to please, but I would say that this burger is special because of the texture of the patty, not anything about the construction of the burger itself. The patty has no tell-tale signs of it being “fake meat” as many vegan patties do, and I think it is because it is full of such fun ingredients, like apples and pomegranates!

I would (will) definitely return and eat this again. Even if I had to pay for the root beer.


The second very-exciting spot I got to visit came a couple of weeks earlier when we made our way down to Toronto’s “Vegandale” neighbourhood. Yes, I was finally going to visit Mythology Diner.


This place is reminiscent of a classic diner with greasy-spoon-esque meals and is decorated to match that vibe! The main difference being – everything is plant-based.

We went for brunch, so our menu had a lot of the very-exciting items i had been hearing about, such as vegan sunny-side up eggs.

I opted for “Doug’s Slam”, a meal obviously competing for top spot among other slams such as that offered by Denny’s. I would say they’ve got Denny’s beat! I even had the option to make my little pancakes more like cinnamon buns. So, obviously, I did.


The price for this filling meal was better than I expected for a big vegan meal, which was an added bonus! For my price point, I received potatoes, two vegan sunny-side up eggs, bacon, toast, and my beloved cinnamon bun pancakes.


Even my meat-eating brunch partner thought they tasted like eggs. So delicious! Across from me was a beautiful-looking stack of French toast and bottled cola:

Everything about this was exciting and I want to try everything else the menu has to offer (I’ve been dreaming about vegan nachos lately and saw that those are also a brunch option).

If you find yourself hankering for a funky brunch, LET’S GO.


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  1. Maggie

    I have yet to try the A & W veggie burger but will do so soon!!


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