#KTTeats: TO Veg Food Fest

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#KTTeats documents my food-finding adventures.


I stuffed my face with vegan food yesterday from a multitude of vendors and it was glorious.

This past week I went to the Toronto Vegetarian Association’s Veg Food Fest. It was made all the more enjoyable to have a vegan-food obsessed friend along for the ride, in addition to one who likes eating food more generally and who will occasionally willingly consume vegan food.

We all came in hungry and it didn’t take long before we found our first dessert (above and to the right) from Tori’s Bakeshop: a dense but delicious Simpson’s-esque doughnut with beautiful sprinkles on it! I would encourage a close-up examination of the specimen. The dessert on the left was the bookend to our trip and features an amazing peach and berry crumble-type bar from Sweets from the Earth, a supplier of very excellent and not obviously vegan baked goods.

In our journey to finding something savoury and more nutritious, we found dessert #2, which was perhaps the moistest and flaky baklava I have ever had from Baklawa Queen. We also found some churros courtesy of Choco Churros – it was best that we didn’t get the fancy ones covered in flavours because we were about to be so full, but they looked so good. And yes, perhaps the photo of me eating that giant churro evokes an image of something else, but I do not care. It was great.

We finally found our savoury meal in Globally Local, a vegan fast food restaurant. We got their double-layered “Famous Burger,” which, I must say, is worthy of fame. While it slipped and slid through our hands, we devoured it. We also got BBQ chick’n wings with vegan ranch dipping sauce and it was a great, overly filling time.

I found so many places that I want to go back to and consume the products of. I didn’t get to have any ice cream and there were several vendors whose dairy-free tubs I wanted to dive into.

This was great. Would do again. Will recommend to friends.


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